Mangalia - Tulcea - Mangalia Nautical TrekKing

CoolGlide is glad to bring a new concept of sailing around Mangalia sea coast.

What we are going to develop is Coastal Trekking, the same concept as you would find with 4x4 excursions or simply with mountain bikes, a concept of adventure trips along the sea coast from Mangalia to Balchik.

We are able to offer and for a reasonable price Coastal Trekking
Explore the sea coastline with various stops in all the small villages, resorts, natural beaches, small bay and creek along the trip. In the same way you would pack your food provisions, your sleeping bag and tents in a 4x4 adventure raid, or cycling along the coast in small roads or tracks, you would feel the same going on a boat .

For more information you would find a detailed report following this link and contains lots of nice pictures.

150 ron per day per person
up to 4 persons
Tulcea- Mangalia or Mangalia - Tulcea

Example of programs
4 days/5nights
Transport optional by Mini Bus to Tulcea - Visit of Tulcea
Departure 10:00 Arriving Sfintu Gheorghe 18:00
Optional transport back by ferry
Departure 10:00 Arriving Gura Portitei 16:00/18:00
Optional transport back by mini-bus
Departure 10:00 Arriving Port Tomis 18:00
Optional transport back by mini-bus
Departure 10:00 Arriving Mangalia 18:00
Optional transport back by mini-bus from Mangalia

Price does not include accommodation/transportation/food and drinks
Another possibility is to setup tents for every night.
Accommodation and transportation can be arranged on request

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+40 (0)730618063

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